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An Industry-Leading System for Developing an Interactive Learning Platform:
Briason Associates - Brass eLearning Management System.

Employee Workforce Boot Camp Training

For Direct Support Professionals
(Audience: up to Management Level)

"Empower Your Team with a Comprehensive Direct Support Professional Training Experience "

Goals of Brass eLearning System

  • Facilitate Comprehension

    Create an interactive learning system that helps employees better understand the subject matter or content being taught. This implies a focus on making the learning materials and methods clear, accessible, and engaging so that employees can grasp the concepts effectively

  • Enhance Retention

    Ensure that employees retain the knowledge or skills they acquire through the interactive learning system. This goal suggests that the system should employ strategies to improve memory and long-term retention, possibly through reinforcement techniques or spaced learning

  • Support Application to Service Delivery

    Enable employees to apply what they've learned to their job roles or service delivery. This implies that the interactive learning system should not just be about theoretical knowledge but should also provide practical tools, scenarios, or exercises.

Parenting Skills Training

Briason Associates provide training for parents and caregivers of adults and children with Autism and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD)

Join Briason's Parenting Skills Training Group! Membership include parenting courses, monthly live webinars, updated regulations governing the IDD community, along with resource support and access to licensed clinicians with both experience and training in the areas of IDD and child-rearing.

Professional Development

Briason Associates, supporting the professional development of Personnel in all industries, at every level.

Briason conducts in-person, virtual and blended learning training for Executive Leadership, Senior Management/Management, Supervisory Personnel, and Direct Support Professionals. Come visit our website or speak with us directly to meet your organization's personal needs.